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All of our puppies have excellent temperaments and confirmation. All puppies are vet checked, immunised and vaccinated. All our our babies are given lots and lots of love to ensure their transition to their new home is as less traumatic for the puppy as possible, to ensure they adapt well to their new home and family. We take pride in all of our dogs and puppies, as they all part of our family.

Pedigrees and Breeding


All of our dogs are PRA tested prior to being used for breeding. All of our animals have excellent breeding some of which come from the top bloodlines in Australia, if not the world. We do not use sub standard animals or animals who have temperament issues. 

This ensures that all of our dogs and babies in the future will be of excellent type and character. We are always endeavouring to grow and improve our kennel. 

I first meet Jacqui when I was looking for a ACD puppy, I was very specific about what I needed and wanted.
Jacqui was more than accommodating, she sent photos, answered all my questions with in hours if not minutes (via email or phone) she put my mind at ease knowing what type of puppy I would except to get from Morview Kennels.


Jacqui also helped with the shipping of the puppy (Eddie) from Mackay to Darwin and waited up all night to hear that he had arrived safe and sound. She also followed up over the next couple of week with me to see how he was going, and if I needed any help or guidance. I called about some questions with training too she was happy to help.
We have had Eddie since last July and he is truly a member of the family, he is my little shadow and constant companion. I take him walking most days which he loves, doesn't pull on the lead and is great with people and dogs. He was excellent from the first day, from when we were have renovations done and he couldn't have cared less about the nail guns, the sawing, or the vacuumer, he was just so easy from the beginning.
One thing was very true, you couldn't get a better dog for temperament. He is also great with my son 10 years old, who loves to play with him and he is the best cricket fielder we have!!
If you are thinking about getting a new puppy then Morview Kennels is the place to go!

Anyway Jacqui I hope you are doing well :)


Kind Regards,


Kim Hayes

Darwin NT

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